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While the sales of iPhones, iPods and iPads provide a strong boost to Apple's overall earnings, Macs account for less than 5 percent of computers worldwide [source: Cyran and Gu ]. However, the Mac boasts an impressive growth rate: Shipments increased So, which is better -- Mac or PC? Click through our list of 10 differences between Macs and PCs and decide for yourself. Is Apple building a hydrogen-powered computer? In their way to make more money and entice new generations, now toys supersede tools instead of the other way around. Just an example: the only Apple I can use for work in a plane —unless I am in business class— is a Macbook air That model was eliminated from the lineup, so users can switch to the Ipad, which is useless to me if I want to run serious applications or exchange files in a physical setting not the cloud.

It would be more honest for Apple to sell their computer line, so us, old loyal sunsetting folks, to follow those supporting this line of electronic connection to the world. Having said that, the key Mac feature is its intuitive and easy to use interface GUI. Second to none. Windows is awkward and malware-filled. Linux is even more complicated to use with its text command interface. How to accomplish that? Agreed, for Windows they make the operating system so anyone without much education can use it.

That said, it would be great if there was an option to convert it to graphics or photo mode, so it was setup properly for those types of users.

We don’t expect to change anyone’s mind, but for everyone’s edification, we compare the two leading

Turning on file extensions is one thing I do first to reset default, so I know file is jpeg, psd or gif etc. Also if they could set the date of file to date modified not date created by default that would be very useful. Lots of other examples. Fortunately these things can be configured from the default settings. Would be nice if the planners know more about photography and graphic design when designing the interface.

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Mac is a bit better in interface. People who buy their own computers and software are more likely to want a Mac. Most of the people who actually buy Windows PCs for their home only use a browser and Outlook Express. Talk about over the top spin! Are you campaigning for a job at Apple? Article is such baloney. I can do a poll and get any results I want. Same thing with taking a lie detector test.

You can be found guilty or innocent depending on who gives the test. So many examples. I do video editing. Discontinued Final Cut Pro abruptly with no support for pros, a few years ago. Stopped offering a incher to save money because inch screens are cheaper and cookie cutter. Again, abruptly. Ignored updating Mac Pros and when they finally did, they priced them out of the galaxy.

Made it impossible to upgrade ram and drives in laptops by putting memory on the board. Stubbornly refuse to make touch screen laptops probably they think it will hurt their IPAD business. Outrageous that there is no touch screen laptops! And they created that stupid dumb row where the FKeys go as if it is a premium innovation when they could do a touch screen. Any foldable phones? Any stylus pencils with remote like the Note has? How much longer with the Apple SE model be able to update and be supported? But, you keep drinking the kool aid!

Well, keep drinking the kool aid.

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Windows 8 vs Mac OS X & iOS – Visions of User Interfaces Collide

I found your article condescending and insulting to anyone with intelligence. One could compose an equally negative list for Windows. Not that you would try to do that, you know, to be as even handed as you accuse the author of not being. Yes, Apple has its problems, abandoning software being among them. And Genius bars that are not even semi-literate. But try buying a cheap PC without crapware. Or even an expensive one. Windows 8, is, thankfully, mostly dirty water under the bridge.

10 Differences Between Macs and PCs

But how long do you suppose it will be before Microsoft mucks up Windows 10? Frankly there are many reasons to love and to hate both platforms.

Sadly, we have few other choices, though Chromebooks are coming along. So pick your poison.

From Mac to Windows: What I Learned

Sadly you may not have a choice in the business world. That is until the current generation of Mac lovers moves into the marketplace. Or Chromebooks make it in the enterprise. Which is unlikely to happen until you have a Chrome compatible version of Office, which still works fine on a Mac, by the way. At the same time, I disagree with MaX. Fanboys are as bad as trolls. Their enthusiasm undermines their credibility. Sadly they are equally oblivious. I blew up because it hit a nerve. Not to be redundant from what I wrote and my frustration with the way Apple continues to trend its behavior and direction, there is room for both environments and arguably, at this point a need for both.

I also have to use business applications and I prefer the way they run to MAC options, as well as, the need to be compatible with others in business and on a business PC platform. But, the real nerve is how there is such little criticism of Apple. You pick up or should I say you read in digital form any major pubication and nobody will say anthing negative about Apple.

Nobody will call them to task or challenge them on what they do. And, would it be good business sense to be critical of Apple selling a one company magazine? They are not journalists. Bad reviews could even influence someone to think of buying another brand which would mean a PC. No clones also means less innovation and Apple can keep their pricing out of the universe. You pay more money for a premium product that is better, but, the offerings are no longer satisfying.

In the real world, there is no justification to pay lots more money for a lower processor, smaller SSD drive and the list goes on and on. IPhones that are falling behind in new features and innovation and yet charging more than anyone else for their product. One final dig about the screen. The arrogance is really what I feel.

To this day they are classics and in demand. I was talking about it with a tech at one of the ExperiMAC stores. They are very much in demand.

Mac vs. PC: Mythbusting Guide for Consumers

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windows 8 vs mac sales Windows 8 vs mac sales
windows 8 vs mac sales Windows 8 vs mac sales
windows 8 vs mac sales Windows 8 vs mac sales
windows 8 vs mac sales Windows 8 vs mac sales
windows 8 vs mac sales Windows 8 vs mac sales
windows 8 vs mac sales Windows 8 vs mac sales

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