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Travel Mode allows you to remove all personal data from your device and store it in your vault. When you arrive at your destination, you can restore that data with a single click.

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You can learn more in our 1Password review or sign up for a free day trial. LastPass is, easily, the best free password manager available. It comes with a wide range of features, multi-device sync and support for unlimited entries without costing a dime. Normally, LastPass is a browser-based password manager.

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Mac users can also download a desktop application, which provides an easy way to look through your vault. LastPass Pocket, which is included with all extensions and native applications, gives you backup capability and offline access to your vault. Like 1Password, it integrates with Apple Watch, too. While we like the free plan from LastPass the most, an upgrade to Premium is cheap. You get some additional features, too, including LastPass for Applications. It also comes with extended sharing capabilities.

On the free plan, you can share vault data with one user, which is limiting. On Premium, you can share anything in your vault, including passwords, WiFi logins and more with as many people as you want. Additional features like 1GB of secure file storage, advanced multi-factor authentication options and priority tech support are nice to have, too. However, these features look better as part of a family plan.

LastPass Families is, essentially, five Premium licenses for the price of two. You can learn more in our LastPass review or download the extension for free to try it yourself. Sticky Password is an easy to use and feature dense password manager with a generous free offering.

However, given the excellent interface and inexpensive price point, an upgrade to Premium feels like a no-brainer. You still use the same top-level AES encryption, multi-factor authentication options and verification via biometrics. Upgrades come with multi-device sync, which is important. All of the usual suspects are available, as well as obscure browsers such as SeaMonkey, Pale Moon and Dolphin.

For the most security conscious, this means that your data never leaves your machine, even in encrypted form. You can also sync manually. Sticky Password supports USB export, so you can load your entire vault onto a flash drive. The data on that drive is readable from any Sticky Password instance.

Some of the cost goes towards the Save the Manatee Club. You can learn more in our Sticky Password review or download it for free. The free version comes with a day trial of Premium. Keeper has a strong focus on its business password manager, but its personal offerings are great, too. Keeper is about the same price as LastPass. That price gets you unlimited password storage and sync, secure cloud backup and unlimited secure record sharing.

Keeper also supports biometric authentication and can be used solely in your browser. More attractive is the family plan.

LastPass (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome)

Like LastPass, it offers five licenses for the price of two. In addition to all features offered with the individual plan, the family plan also comes with 10GB of secure cloud storage. On desktop, you also have access to KeeperFill. It allows you to use Keeper to auto-fill application data from your desktop using hotkeys. Since Keeper can store a variety of data, having emergency access to that personal Information is important. You can setup time frames when your vault is unlocked and the trusted users can access it.

This is the only form of account restoration. Keeper uses a zero-knowledge model, meaning it never sees your master password or vault data.

In the event you forget your master password, the only way to restore your account is through emergency access. It has extras such as a self-destruct timer on messages and a private media gallery, too. While the desktop application could use some work, Keeper is nevertheless an excellent password manager. It uses Apple cloud storage service, iCloud, to backup your passwords, a feature that you can turn off during setup read our iCloud review for our thoughts on that service. Keychain can store passwords, WiFi logins, credit card information and more.

Developers for macOS can also write support for Keychain into their applications. This means you can use it to login on desktop applications. Additionally, importing passwords from another manager or exporting them for use with another manager are likely to cause headaches. ElcomSoft, a Russian forensics software developer, was able to access and decrypt Keychain data under certain conditions using Phone Breaker 7.

As such, Keychain falls victim to the same inferent flaw as other browser password managers, such as the one offered with Chrome. Likewise, it lacks the functionality to be used across multiple operating systems and browser.

The best free password manager 12222

Our first choice for Mac is Dashlane for its large set of features and excellent security. It comes with a hefty price tag, though, which may make another option, such as 1Password , more appealing. What password manager are you using on Mac? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading. I started out trying all of them. Now trying 1Password that I fin complex and ser unfriendly. I dislike it most of all that I tried. Support I weak…regurgitate a list of reading literature that is not helpful. Takes Many failed attempts to setup with minimal effective instruction.


I really dislike this software. Table of Contents. Dashlane Review. Visit Dashlane. Excellent security Password changer Dark web monitoring. Expensive Limited free plan. Inexpensive Travel Mode Password backup. No free plan. Visit 1Password. Excellent free plan Support for multiple data types Offline support.

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Mediocre premium offering. LastPass Review. Visit LastPass. Offline access USB export Manual sync. Dated interface. Sticky Password Review. The password management software has a tool to intelligently calculate the strength of your passwords. Dashlane is a beautifully designed password manager app that protects user credentials using AES bit encryption and stores them locally.

The Dashlane app also doubles up as a digital wallet to store credit cards, debit cards, and other payment details. It has a dedicated interface to change multiple passwords with ease. You can go for the Premium option which extends the device limit to unlimited and also enables cross-device syncing and cloud backup among other extra features.

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Dashlane is also a known name like LastPass. It supports web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. TrueKey can be a great password vault app because of its simplicity and various sign-in methods including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, two-step verification, etc. These multi-factor authentication options are a bonus when security is concerned.

password app for mac and pc Password app for mac and pc
password app for mac and pc Password app for mac and pc
password app for mac and pc Password app for mac and pc
password app for mac and pc Password app for mac and pc
password app for mac and pc Password app for mac and pc

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