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As much as we'd like to flatter ourselves by claiming to be the first to notice the Mac mini's car stereo-sized form factor would be a perfect fit, it was an idea that probably was obvious to anyone who has installed a car stereo or in our case, made sandwiches while watching someone install it. And lots of people are ready to stick one in their dash or elsewhere , since its relatively low power draw and small size would make a great car computer. Classic Restorations have already installed a couple. But the missing element to turn the Mac mini into a proper car PC is a proper front-end software, something I am excited to see being taken up by the 'iDash' project.

They're just getting started, but are aiming for an open-source, modular Applescript front-end that will allow people to pop a Mac mini in their car, hook up a touchscreen, and go.

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They've got a lot of work to do—integrating external hardware, developing software module standards, setting up Bluetooth cellular voice and data connections, etc. Summary [SourceForge].

Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

Setup and Initial Setup of the Mac Mini(2012)

What do you mean installing in a car? It would be easy enough to get a power adapter for the unit and a small screen You might want to read this http: It'll give you a better idea: As neat as it sounds I really don't think this will work well. The hard drive is not meant to bumped around, you'll need an external keyboard and a monitor and those will need lots of power.

How to install mac mini in car?

Think about a low end MacBook that has a built in keyboard and monitor and the hard drive will takes bumps with greater ease and the power supply is much less of a problem. I think the physical size of the Mac Mini is very well suited to use as a Carputer. You still will need a DC-to-DC power supply.

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If you get a DC-DC PSU make sure that it has feature which will turn your computer on when your car is started and will send a signal to go to a soft shut-down process or stand-by or hibernation mode. Now you will still need a display, this is where I can not help you since I am not sure what Video format is being used. I have used Lilliput touch screen monitor for PC's before and have had great results with those.

see Nothing smaller than 7inches. Now you will have to think about interfaces.

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Again for the PC I use roadrunner and like it for it's ease of programming. Everything that you want to control via the Carputer has to be interfaced, not an easy task at times. Anyhow, there are plenty of things that you can do and there is no way to tell you everything on here. My suggestion would be that you visit sites like http: Just make a good game plan and stick to it

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