Drm error netflix mac n8156

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Thank you! I just swapped harddrives from my broken laptop to a laptop given to me and for some reason I had this problem. I assumed I was missing drivers or some sort of update. Step 3 was missing from all these other posts, it was no wonder I couldn't find anything. Did any of your hidden files appear when you did the previous steps?

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Your Mac (& Safari 12)

The hidden files look faded compared to the other files. Great fix, thanks for the awesomeness and clear answer to what could easily have been a major pain in the butt. Cleaning up has turned into a pain. Regards, Sensei. Funny you write about that I just had a similar problem with my ipad, I tought it was cause I had Ipad first generation. No such message yet, but I'm following you. So, if it happens to me, I'll know where to go here for help. Thanks in advance.

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Updated on May 17, It happened today just as it happened three weeks ago. This appeared on my screen: "We're sorry, but there is a problem playing protected DRM content on your system. Firstly, let me give you a little background on why this is error shows up. This is where my ultimate fix comes in. Go to Tools and click Folder Options. Un-check ' Protected operating system files Recommended '. This will make your computer a little mad and asks you if you're sure.

Click it anyway! Now all the "hidden" folders will have appeared and look faded.


Go to Program Data. Click the folder open. Open Microsoft.

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Open ' PlayReady '. See the file mspr. Well, click Rename and add. It should work now! Would this work on a Windows 10 computer? Close Google Chrome and any other browsers you may be using, then try again. I can't find the "playready" folder in the microsoft folder. Worked for me as well. Back to enjoying free movies. It happened for me when I updated to Windows 8 consumer preview.

Netflix: Fix DRM Error N

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Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar A strange thing happened to me while I was playing a video on Netflix via a web browser. Show hidden files in your operating system. Comments On my mac, the solution was to turn off the Bluetooth. Dont know why but it works!

Did this help? Let us know! Open Internet Explorer and go to the Netflix website, log in, and start playing a streaming movie from their website it should successfully work here now. If you have more than one computer with the Netflix problem, then repeat this procedure for each of the afflicted computers. Windows 7 Here are the steps to take to fix the problem: Exit out of Netflix from both your web browser and from Windows Media Center.

Now you can go into Windows Media Center to stream you movies again! I hope that helps! Thanks and best regards Larry Galey. Bless you, sir. Bless you. Thanks, that was the most accurate and simple fix.

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Worked great! None of the other fixes worked for me, hopefully this might help a few people.

Resolvendo o erro N8156-6013 da Netflix

Now try running a Netflix movie after restarting whatever browser you choose to use for Netflix. Hope that this helps a few people for whom none of the other fixes have worked.

Thankyou so very much I have been trying to fix this for days. I work on a mac, do you know how to work it out through a mac book?

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Please help! Mike, First, thanks for the link! Thanks, Doc. I have Windows 7 and your fix worked perfectly.

drm error netflix mac n8156 Drm error netflix mac n8156
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drm error netflix mac n8156 Drm error netflix mac n8156
Drm error netflix mac n8156

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