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For those who don't want to spend a lot of cash but still want a nicely equipped USB drive, Kingston Digital has the solution. A cap on the connector keeps the drive safe from damage when it's not in use, and thanks to a loop at the end, you can connect the DataTraveler to a keychain for safekeeping. The USB 3. The drive comes with a sliding-collar design that protects the connector when it's not in use. And thanks to this device's integrated loop, you can attach the PNY Turbo to a keychain or backpack for safekeeping.

In fact, according to SanDisk, the device can deliver read speeds of up to MBps and write speeds of up to MBps. Thanks to an aluminum finish, the Extreme Pro should be able to withstand shock and other damage and keep working. SanDisk's drive, which is also compatible with USB 3.

And with bit AES encryption, you can safeguard data you don't want others to steal. The device comes with a cylindrical design and an anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum housing to limit the risk of damage to the device if you drop it. This drive also features a water seal to reduce chances of liquid intrusion, and it has a shock-damping collar around the ends. On the connectivity side, it supports USB 3. And with 64GB of storage, you'll be able to put plenty of content on this device without fear of damage.

The drive comes with GB of storage and accommodates data transfers to and from a range of devices, from your computer to an Android smartphone. SanDisk says that the drive achieves data-transfer speeds of up to MBps. And when this device is not in use, you can retract the connector to limit chances of damage. Its LED light tells you when it's connected and data is transferring. If you don't have USB 3. The device, which is made from high-quality metal, has a ring that you can use to attach the drive to yourself so you don't lose it.

Better yet, it's water-, shock-, magnet-, temperature and X-ray-proof, limiting the chances of damage. Thanks to this drive's USB 3. If you're in the market for one of the very best USB drives available and you're just fine spending some cash to get it, check out the SanDisk iXpand flash drive.

Customer Review. Five Stars. See what other customers said. Wonderful Dependable Drive that I have used for 5 Months. Great product!

The Secure Advantage...

Perfect for my use! Great Value! See what other customers said Customer Review. See full review. Works great! Cruzer 64GB. See full answer. Will these work on Mac Book Pro?

6 Best Flash Drives That Validate Every Penny Invested In Them

PC and Mac and the encryption software is very easy to work with. Works as it should. Can you use this on Mac without the software? A good buy on a very portable external drive. Does this drive fit with mac? Can i use it in s macbook pro? I love it, would recommend it for.

How do I securely encrypt a USB flash drive using a Mac?

Works as Advertised Perfect - does the job! Will it work with a MacBook? Does it work with s7. Love it! Does this work with both Mac and windows? Is this compatible with mac ios? Works for Mac to PC.

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The best flash drive. Can this flash drive be used for gaming? I want to run Destiny 2 on my Mac book when it comes out in September Pretty fast for what I use it for. Is this plug and play for mac macOS Sierra Should have all mac ssd users due to expand hd. Easy answer to laptop storage! Good for the most part, but not great Is it safe to leave the flash drive in a macbook at all times to increase storage?

Is it compatible with Mac?.. Will there be any issues running it on MAC? Does it work on Imac too? I always get in trouble when moving the key from Windows to Mac. Great flash drive Mac ready. Do I need to do any special formatting to use this with a Mac?

The research

Fast, small, and holds a ton of pictures. Does it work on a mac book? How do you format this to fat32 for teslacam? Great drive for TeslaCam!! I purchased gb but the default format is exfat. How do i get this to convert to play in the car usb port?

The Best Flash Drives for MacBook in (USB-C Options Included)

Explore external hard drives for xbox. Explore external hard drives for ipad. Explore external hard drives for apple. Explore external backup drives for pc. Western Digital. Customer review. Great drive!!! Bought this drive as a cyber Monday deal and man was it a great choice. PS4 recognized it immediately and been working great since the instant I plugged it in.

Transfers files and documents at the drop of a hat

It does load games a bit faster than the internal storage as well. It also looks great and is small for portability. Simple and reliable! Great for PC use and also for Xbox One because it's a simple, yet reliable hard drive. No bells and whistles and it is plug and play.

Abundant, affordable storage Computer hardware geeks recognize that adding "gaming" to the name of any device often comes with both increased performance and increased cost. However, other than apparently pre-tested compatability with PS4 systems, this will serve fine when attached to a PC for any data type. I an using this to replace a 6 year-old WD 2 TB external hard drive that was nearing capacity.

best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
best secure flash drive for mac Best secure flash drive for mac
Best secure flash drive for mac

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