Best ego shooter 2012 mac

1. Bio-shock

So here are 15 of what we believe are the most highly anticipated First Person Shooter games releasing next year. Enjoy the list, and give us your feedback in your comments below. Syndicate is a reboot from EA that is scheduled to be released on January 3 rd Its reveal was a pleasant surprise, and while it might not look distinct and unique from the other FPS games out there, it does look really good.

The game has 4-player co-op, which is a much welcome feature as well. This sci-fi game looks really promising and it remains to be seen if Starbreeze can redeem the game. Halo is one of the biggest franchises in the industry, and the release of each new game in the series is nothing short of an event, a celebration of the genre itself. Prey was an amazing game with some interesting puzzles and FPS gameplay, and Prey 2 looks like a much bigger upgrade. While the puzzle portals are no longer available here in this game, the game is set in a huge city with plenty of things to do.

The 20 best games you can play on your Mac right now

Few are unique to Mac, but a number are redesigned, remastered and retuned for the MacOS interface, with slicker moves and better integration - so there's absolutely no excuse not to spend your weekend putting all of our recommendations to the test. Yes, the original Portal is the one that everybody raves about, and even a decade after release, it's still absolutely brilliant and well worth circling back on.

But the sequel is even larger, even nuttier, and arguably just as compelling of an experience even if it wasn't quite as impactful overall.

Portal 2 keeps the first-person puzzle-solving approach of Valve's iconic original, but there's more than just teleportation at play here: you'll also fuss with lasers, light bridges, and slippery goo to make your way through these challenging lab stages. And in addition to the hilarious solo campaign, there's also a separate co-op campaign that demands a buddy. Find one for it. You can play Fortnite: Battle Royale from pretty much anywhere: from your console, smartphone, tablet… and yes, even your Mac.

And sure, the Mac crowd probably provides the smallest percentage of that tally, but that doesn't matter. Everyone's connected together.

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  • 1. Bio-shock.
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They're also all shooting at each other, as Fortnite 's massively popular approach drops players into a battle to the death within an ever-tightening area. Luckily, it's all fun and games: Fortnite 's colourful aesthetic and compelling quick-building mechanics give Epic's smash a unique feel and flow — one that's being enjoyed by millions upon millions of people daily.

Top 20 Best FPS Games of 12222

The most epic game on mac!. Best series on the mac? Atleast the first one.

And believe me its epic. And you can create mods, play onlin e, campaign. Pros: Everything, many playing, mods and much more! Cons: Stop looking here!

First Person Shooter Games for Macbook - Apple Community

Its nothing here! I have only played the Halo demo so I cannot rate the campaign but you can play online with other people in the demo, there is also a way to chat while playing the key is 'f'.


The only 2 problems for me is that 'cause I have a 'Mac OSX' the 'checking score' key does not work',the other problem is that the connection online sometimes does not work. As I said, I have only played the demo but I am sure that the campaign would also be awesome! Does it work in OS X Lion?. Does it work in OS X Lion? Halo has got to be the best first person shooter ever to hit Mac. It has rather simple controls and has plenty of action.

One thi ng that could be improved is that there is only one map for the multi-player, also on the multi-player, you can't get into all the games, just some of them. All in all, a game that is tops. What do you think about Halo: Combat Evolved Do you recommend it? Airo keeps you out of trouble, crushing every malicious threat out there.

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best ego shooter 2012 mac Best ego shooter 2012 mac
best ego shooter 2012 mac Best ego shooter 2012 mac
best ego shooter 2012 mac Best ego shooter 2012 mac
best ego shooter 2012 mac Best ego shooter 2012 mac
best ego shooter 2012 mac Best ego shooter 2012 mac

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