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Giàn phơi thông minh Hải Nam – Thiết kế & Lắp đặt giàn phơi đồ CAO CẤP. Hotline: 090.993.68.78

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Chest x ray - basic interpreter 1. In some patients an extra joint is seen in the anterior part of the first rib at the point where the bone meets the calcified cartilageneous part arrow. First study the lateral film. Then continue. More on cardiac pacemakers Notice that they follow the contour of the left ventricle.

What is your diagnosis? Bulky lymphadenopathy 4. Nodular lung pattern, no lymphadenopathy 6. On the right there is only some air visible in the major bronchi creating an air bronchogram within the compressed lung. Pulmonary complications are due to hamartomatous proliferation of smooth muscle cells preferentially along bronchovascular structures resulting in obliteration of the airways and consecutive development of cysts in the lungs.

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Usually progressive leading to death from respiratory failure. Treatment by lung transplantation has been successful. Syn: lymphangiomyomatosis. Notice the very thin regular line which is the diaphragm arrow. Hansell et al Radiology ; 4. Gibbs et al RadioGraphics ; 5. Whitten May RadioGraphics, 27, The Deep Sulcus Sign Radiology ; 8.

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  • ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi Ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi
    ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi Ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi
    ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi Ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi
    ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi Ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi
    ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi Ao xanh duong mac voi quan gi

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