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Installing the program is similar to most other software discs that you download to your computer.


The majority of the files needed are on the installation disc. So, if installing off a disc, ensure that your computer or laptop has a disc drive to use. Once you download the software, you will need to type in the accompanying activation code in order to gain full access to the software. Adobe CS3 for Mac comes in four different editions that have several software options installed along with them. Available editions include:. Deciding which Adobe CS3 edition to choose is done by focusing on the software within the editions.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 for Mac

Fireworks CS3, for instance, is intended for web designers to create things such as web prototypes. Meanwhile, Soundbooth is a digital audio editor focusing purely on sounds.

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Before selecting any Adobe CS3 for Mac download, read the specific software to help come to a decision. Skip to main content. See All. Sort: Best Match. Best Match.

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Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. See similar items. Make an Offer. Adobe Creative Suite 3 Premium for Mac.

How do you install Adobe CS3? What are the editions that Adobe CS3 comes in? Web : Similar with Design, this comes in Standard and Premium versions. Premium has some of the same software as those found in Design, along with the addition of Contribute CS3. I was able to start updating the list below on the same day Mojave was released, which is unusual and welcome. Expect this section to be updated over time as we find out more about other applications and emerging issues; check back for updates.

Some Photoshop features let you save settings, and the Save dialog box for those features may default to a settings folder inside the Library folder hidden by default within your user account. Due to tightened macOS security restrictions, an application attempting to save into the Library folder may trigger a macOS permssions request for access to your contacts or calendar.

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From a comment on that page, I learned that Lightroom Classic may crash in Mojave when switching in and out of Dark Mode. If Lightroom Classic seems to hang or take an extremely long time when merging files into a panorama or HDR image, this is caused by a bug in macOS If Lightroom Classic 8. The help document refers to the beta version of Mojave; this may work differently in the final version. Note: For now, the information below is mostly based on High Sierra and earlier, but none of it is expected to work better in Mojave.

The CS3—CS5 applications seem particularly risky to me. There are more hoops to jump through to get the installers to work, and some installers may not work at all.

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It may be possible to fix them by uninstalling and reinstalling those applications. The lesson here is to always make sure you have all of the information you need such as license keys or registration numbers to reinstall any of your key software. Stricter macOS permissions may cause crash when starting an application. There are reports that some applications such as Photoshop CS5 crash when you try to run them in macOS Macworld UK reports that a fix is to grant accessibility permissions to Photoshop. If you run Adobe installers or software released before Gatekeeper, you should know what to do if Gatekeeper prevents Adobe software from starting.

Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem. Unfortunately, Adobe Support Advisor no longer exists, but there is an immediate workaround that should get the installer going:. But I found that the same workaround helped when the Photoshop CS3 installer silently failed after I double-clicked it. When you start up an older bit application such as Adobe Photoshop CS3, Mojave will display the following alert saying the application is not optimized and needs to be updated.

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In High Sierra the alert appears only the first time you start the application, but in Mojave, Apple says it will also display every 30 days. To understand what Apple is talking about, read the Apple tech note bit app compatibility with macOS High Sierra Apple has said that Mojave is the last version of macOS that will run bit applications.

Most Mac applications have been written for bit processing for some time now, so if your applications are up to date you may not have any issues here. Because Adobe software is generally performance-intensive, the current versions of major application are already bit, but older ones and some Adobe utilities are still bit. Now, in the System Information window that opens, click the Applications category, and then after a slight delay on some systems look for the Bit Intel column.

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On smaller displays you might need to scroll the list to the right. To find out if all your software is bit compatible, check the Applications section in System Information. Applications have to be updated to appear consistent with Dark Mode, so older applications with light user interfaces will clash. Some Adobe applications, such as the video applications and the more recent versions of Photoshop and InDesign, let you adjust the lightness of the user interface.

If you use Dark Mode you can try a darker user interface setting in your Adobe applications, although they might not match completely. Adobe Creative Suite 2 gives designers a cohesive and complete design environment that lets them fluidly transform their ideas into sophisticated, finished designs for print, the Web and mobile devices. This powerful, unified design environment also offers more consistent color across components of the suite, simplified and consistent Adobe Portable Document Format PDF creation, and enhanced file collaboration and version management, all of which make it easier to share files and work more productively with colleagues and clients.

Fuel your ideas. Adobe Creative Suite 2 gives momentum to the creative process, with tight integration and innovative technologies that let creative professionals push their productivity to new heights.

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